Hello everyone and Salem Aleikum. We are an international halal travel company founded by French Muslims and our objective is to help muslim travelers in the world.


At Ummahtrip, our ambition is to give you the best halal travel experience possible. We consider our job done, when after your holidays, you tell all of your friends, how much you loved your trip with us. We are currently serving more than 60 destinations, mostly beautiful places, beautiful islands to relax and discover different cultures.


ummahtrip family friendly

Family-friendly entertainment

we make sure that you will spend your holidays in family friendly place and avoiding you any inconvenient areas.

halal food ummahtrip


Either you will have halal-food available in our hotel/ resort partner or you will eat at the best local halal restaurant in the area.


Dedicated Mosque and prayer spaces

ou want to pray on time, even if you are 10.000 kilometers away from home? Some hotels we are working with are equipped with prayer rooms. Otherwise, we will indicate you the nearest mosques in the area. Some rooms are equipped with a prayer mat and the direction to Qibla.

honeymoon ummahtrip


Our halal travel experience is perfect for recently married Muslim couples.

halal pool ummahtrip

Halal-friendly facilities

A fair number of the hotels we are working with are equipped with dedicated pools for women and family. This way, you can be private and enjoy a quality time with your family.


We are working and partnering with Hotels/ Resorts/ Villas/ Wellness centers around the world.
Due this partnership, when booking a hotel through our platform Ummahtrip, our partners are aware to adapt the quality of service to a Muslim population and be compliant to our muslim-friendliness chart as much as they can. They will do their to provide you the best experience possible.
To help you to make a choice about the type of accommodation, You can read the reviews, compare the prices and book.



As passionate travelers ourselves, we have good experience in traveling, we know the difficulties today when planning and organizing a holiday trip. You could potentially pick a bad destination or an accommodation that doesn’t live up to your standards and needs, or just could pick up a location that you would not feel comfortable as a muslim.

Also, chances are, you will have a hard time finding decent halal restaurants or prayer spaces when you are in a foreign country and don’t speak the local tongue. In addition, there is always the risk of being ripped off or paying useless extra costs.

This is where we can help you with our expertise and our experience. When you book with us, you don’t need to worry and spend many hours on the internet researching the best hotels and best destinations for your holidays. We will only recommend and send you to the best places and facilities. We have selected for you our preferences in Asia, Middle East and Europe that we have visited and tested ourselves and therefore can talk from a qualified first-hand experience.

We organize everything according to your needs and wishes. So that you can focus on the most important thing during your holidays: to relax and have a good time.


We are a French Founders based in Asia, we have strong connections and partnerships in Europe, Asia and the middle east. We keep a lean organization and focus on keeping our costs down. We are doing our best to negotiate good prices for you. This is how we are able to provide you with some of the best value for money in the industry.


Enjoy quality time and privacy with your group or your family.


We work hard every day to make your trip as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Should you experience a problem during your trip or have a question of any kind, you can call us 24/7 and we do our best to solve your potential issue.

Our ambition is to allows to our Ummah to discover the world, to Travel as much as they can according to their muslim-habits. In a way, we gather the Muslim travel community and connect the Ummah.