Have nice halal holidays in Barcelona

We all have our own requirements concerning the best destination for our next holidays. Whereas for someone it would be a sunny beach, another one would prefer a quiet countryside or a secluded village in the mountains. Recently, a new type of tourism is coming into being, which could be called halal holidays or Muslim friendly holidays. This last one represents people who wants to travel and have nice holidays according to the Islamic values, without alcohol or with quiet men-less beach where they can swim peacefully. UmmahTrip wants to be a main actor of this new wave of tourism, offering people the best ethical holidays all around the world and showing them that Muslims men and women can also enjoy this wonderful world God offer us.

Europe is one of the most intercultural Continent, with people who travel from all around the world to visit it. Today I want to talk you about one of my favorite destination in this incredible melting pot: Spain, and more especially about Barcelona, where I have been spending my last three months.

Where could I start with this awesome place? Barcelona is one of the European sunniest city and one of the European best place to visit. Known as the second Spanish capital, it is located in Catalonia, in the East coast and lined by the Mediterranean Sea.

Barcelona is a very multicultural place, on the one hand modern and on the other hand with a large path history. That is why many tourists put it at the top of their bucket list, and would never miss it. As you can meet many European travelers, you will also talk to persons from every continent who have decided live here. The result is a city with many different cultures and religions, where each one cohabits peacefully which make it a perfect destination for halal holidays. Why? Let’s see it in this article!

First point, the most important for many of us, the travel costs. Spain is one of the cheapest destination to travel, even more if you are from Europe or Africa. For my experience, I never had to pay more than 100€ to fly to Spain from France, whatever the city I went to. Now, there are others alternatives like train or bus, who can take you there for a price cheaper still. Once arrived, the numerous environmentally friendly bus and the metro enable you to move all around the city for reasonable prices too.

As for the transport, the food prices in Barcelona, as in all Spain, are cheap. You can find many supermarkets in all areas of the city with all you will need for low prices, I recommend Mercadona and Dia to you, for the large offer and low prices they display.

It is a first very good argument for this country, where you can have cheap and halal holidays in the sun.

Then I was nicely surprised to met an important Muslim community in each neighborhood I lived (As I am blessed, I had to move house three times in three months!). It is really pleasant to know that in almost any area you will stay, you are sure to find brothers and sisters willing to help us if you need something.

In my opinion Clot and Nou Barris are perfect neighborhoods to stay, close to the city center, with good rental prices and mosques just close to, you should be able to find the apartment of your dream for your holidays as for a longer time.

By the way, you will find the Islamic Catalan Center in Clot, which is the largest (and I think the most beautiful) mosque of Barcelona. You will enjoy the various places to pray you can find out in many places of the city like in the Raval.

Last but not least, I let you guess my joy when I found out various halal butcher’s and restaurants, especially in the Raval (close to the famous Rambla), even if I strongly recommend the Hassan butcher’s shop in Nou Barris for the excellent quality and the large choice of its meal.

As I said, Barcelona is rich of history and culture, that is why you will find numerous places to visit, alone, with friends or family, all around the city. I give you my list of the «unmissable»:

– The Guëll park is one the most beautiful park of Barcelona, where you can have a pleasant view of the city, and admire the wonderful mosaic of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí (My advice, visit it after 8:00pm for free entrance).

-The Tibidabo is the highest place of Barcelona, where you can reach by bus or by on foot for the bravest (I recommend it, there are some nice spots to stop and admire the view of your climb eating a picnic) and admire the best panorama of the city.

– The Ciutadella park is a nice place to spend time, at the bottom of the wonderful Monumental Waterfall and have a relaxing moment on a barque, at the middle of the small lake, in the turtles and gooses’ company.

– The Monjuic park and magic fountains are a lovely and romantic place to visit at the sunset, where you will admire a great view and, once the sun gone, the fabulous water show (the perfect place to be for a romantic moment with your wife or husband).

After all this recommendations, you may wonder “but what about the sunny beaches? This is Spain, I would like to swim!”. Do not be worry, I was just saving the best part for last. As you could expect, it is really difficult to find out a little secluded exactly beach in Barcelona. However, I will give you my list of secret rocky inlets which are my best memories of my travel in Catalonia. To reach it, you will have to drive less than two hours to the Costa Brava, but it is worth it, trust me. Over there, you will find a lot of splendid and hidden inlets, where you will enjoy turquoise water and small fisher villages. There are the perfect place for men and women who want to swim peacefully.

Best Halal Travel destinations

So here is my bucket list of spots in Catalonia:

– Sa Tuna is a small fisher village who just a few person know the existence, so you can be sure to have a peaceful moment in this place. Located to the north of Begur, you will find a lovely little town with white houses, colored flowers and a wonderful transparent water. I strongly recommend you to wake up early for admire the incredible sunrise that Sa Tuna can offer you, more no one will see the bravest of you who will do his first dive at this hour. For the other ones, who do not really appreciate fresh water, you will be able to find peaceful spot to dive and swim after have crossed some rocks, even in the afternoon. More, there is some hotels and restaurants right in front of the main beach, where you can eat or stay for some days.

– Aiguafreda is located very close to Sa Tuna, you can even reach it on foot in 15 minutes from the fisher village. Over there, you will find on of the most turquoise water I have ever seen and, once again, you will be able to find out some peaceful spots to swin without no one around to see you enjoy it.

– Parafrugell and Llafranc are small towns located in front of the beach, very near one from the other and linked by a really nice path lined with flowers. In both places, there are few but perfect spots for swimming in beautiful water, hidden by the rocks and trees. You will also find many restaurants and even a smoothie shop (in Llafranc) that I am sure you will like!

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– El Golfet is an other intet, easy to reach after crossing a little path across the trees, which will offer you a perfect turquoise water. Despite some people use to go over there, there is a spot hidden by ruin of an old construction, where you can jump into the water and peacefully enjoy it.

el golfet halal travel

– Cap Roig is one of my favourite place in Costa Brava. Despite it is located behind a hotel which make think this place is private, this is totally opened to everybody, but few people know it. I recommend you to go there from the end of the afternoon to enjoy the transparent water, until the evening when, with the sunset, you will admire a wonderful pink water and sky. I loved doing picnic on this peaceful beach with my wife and my friends.

Costa Brava ummahtrip

– This last inlet, called Aigua Xelida, is a perfect place to swim peacefully in a wonderful turquoise water, in the middle of rocks and trees. You will also find some great spots to jump into the water if you love it as I do!

Aigua Xelida ummahtrip

Now you do not have any excuse to do not visit Catalonia and Barcelona anymore, I assure you that you will love it and we, UmmahTrip, will be very happy to organize this islamic holidays package for you and your family or friends.

For my part, I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona and I think is a perfect place to visit for cheap halal holidays in Europe. Then I hope I have been able to share with you a bit of this pleasant discovery and to make you want to discover it too.

Assalam alaykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.