Halal holidays in Morocco

Morocco is a key destination for halal tourism. This country of more than 36 million inhabitants has been able to adapt to capture an increasingly demanding Muslim clientele. Indeed, Muslim tourists no longer wish to compromise with their religious values. And they long to discover the world while traveling. Many places in Morocco offer quality holidays, while ensuring the safety of families and the quality of halal services. And in the collective imagination, Morocco enjoys an image with an oriental note, spicy, colorful and warm!

Marrakech, the mysterious one!

Let’s start this journey in relaxation. Strolling through the medina and the souks of Marrakech. The medina corresponds to the oldest part of a city in Morocco. The medina is theheart of Marrakech. This meeting place has existed for more than 1000 years. The city is surrounded by ramparts and you can discover sublime riads (traditional Moroccan houses). This is also where your buying fever will drive you to splurge! Nearby, the main square Jamaâ El-Fna. At nightfall, this place becomes very lively and noisy! Onlookers and merchants intertwine in a merry hubbub. You can see snake charmers and monkey trainers. In addition, for street food lovers, you can revel in many stalls offering varied dishes. Another must-see is the Majorellegarden. This place is the creation of a French Jacques Majorelle. It was the work of his life, it took him 40 years to complete it! This relaxing space will allow you to dive into your daydreams in peace! Then I suggest you take a spiritual break, in the Kutubia mosque built in the 12th century. It is located in the center of the medina. Its minaret stands proudly on a height of 77 meters! The architecture of this building is authentic and majestic at the same time. For another wellness stop, you can visit the Palm Grove of Marrakech on a camel or quad bike. You will discover thousands of palm trees, but all around you will also see houses. It is a clever compromise between nature and urbanism.

To find a resort in Marrakech, it will be very simple! Indeed, Muslim friendly establishments are legion! I recommend, The Vizir Center Park and Resort. Food within the property is halal and alcohol is prohibited. The structure is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool reserved for women and two mixed outdoor pools. As well as a spa reserved for women, families or for private use (by reservation). This luxury apartment complex offers a significant number of activities. The decoration was chosen with great taste. You also have the Mogador Palace Agdal,the food is halal and the alcohol is outlawed from the place. There are two mixed outdoor pools, as well as a spa, steam room and sauna (reserved for women at certain times of the day and only by reservation). The advantage of this palace is its proximity to Jamaâ El-Fna Square and the airport. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated. In this establishment, you’ll feel like a rich Emirati! If you feel like staying in a more typical part of the country. I suggest you stay in a riad! The more oriental and authentic charm of these buildings will captivate you! And the riads have this more intimate side that will please the newlyweds. I would recommend, the Riad sidi Hicham, all food and halal and alcohol is not served there. In addition you have access to a swimming pool. This is the perfect place for a honeymoon. The atmosphere is very warm.


The Wonders of Tangier

Let’s start with the discovery of its medina. It is not as impressive as the one in Marrakech, but it has a lot of added value. Indeed it is a living place, where one perceives the culture and soul of Morocco. You can enjoy the square of the little Socco which is the ideal place to stroll and consume delicious dishes. To continue your strolls, head to the Souk in the great Socco. Another mythical place is the Place deFrance, certainly the liveliest place in the city, where there are the most trendy cafes and shops in Tangier.

To get high, while revelling in a delicious tea, head to Café Hafa. This legendary café was opened in 1921! This place has remained very authentic. The interest of this café is its geographical position, in fact it is located on a cliff that overlooks the sea. It offers stunning views of the harbour and the city. Then I suggest you bask in the Mendoubia. This fabulous garden is a green space that houses trees that are more than 800 years old! It’s a small stop in the tumult of Tangier. On the outskirts of this relaxing place, you will come across many craftsmen. If you want to be dazzled! Cape Town, a few dozen kilometres from Tangier. You will discover the caves of hercules,you will be dazzled by the crash of the ocean, when it enters these caves at high tide. Legend has it that after these 12 works, Hercules came to rest there. From this point of view, you can admire the entire Strait of Gibraltar. Finally, I recommend you visit the Kasbah of Tangier. The word kasbah is a Berber word for a fortress. It served as the palace of the sovereign. With its alleys, craftsmen and cafes, this place enjoys a pleasantly warm aura. You will discover the ancient palace, Dahr el makhzen where Moroccan sultans stayed. This palace has been transformed into a museum that exhibits masterpieces of Moroccan art.

If you want to pray, you are spoilt for choice. But I recommend you, the Great Mosque of Tangier. It was destroyed several times. This place of worship is built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. This mosque is majestic and its minaret is pink. It’s definitely worth a visit!

To rest from all these adventures. I offer you theGrand Mogador Tanger Sea View and SpaHotel, which will allow you to be in line with your values. It has swimming pools. An indoor swimming pool (reserved for women or men, according to pre-defined schedules and by reservation) as well as a mixed outdoor pool. There is also a SPA centre within the property. The highlight of this hotel is to be located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Malabata Beach is only 2 minutes away. The decoration is Moroccan-inspired with touches of modernism.

For the newlyweds, who want more intimacy and romance. The Zahia Palace will seduce you, especially its royal suite which is very warm and passionately decorated. You have at your disposal, a SPA centre that is reserved for women, in the morning until 2pm and from 3pm to 10pm for men and only by reservation. These are the same times for the steam room and sauna. The geographical position of this establishment is very advantageous, it is located right in the medina of Tangier.

Chefchaouen’s jewels

The symbol of this city is its medina. This city has a peculiarity, the bottom of the buildings have been painted blue. The reason is not romantic but pragmatic, blue keeps insects away. This city has to rename this color global. When you walk through the maze of these subtle blue and captivating houses, you will feel like you have been projected into a blue dream (if you know Aladdin and Jasmine, you will understand what I am referring to!). Nearby, Uta-Al-Hamman Square is in the centre of the medina. It’s the perfect place to hang out, chat with the locals and enjoy the moment simply! Then you can make a stop at the Kasbah de Chefchaouen. This fortress is sublime. Its asset is its high tower, which will allow you to have a view of the whole city. If you want to have an even more beautiful view, head to the Spanish Buzafar Mosque (which is now in ruins). Once you arrive (about 15 minutes of walking), you can enjoy a panoramic view and a pleasant leady silence.

For quiet, the Ryad A and B Chaouen is a great choice. In addition to being a suitable structure, the place has an indoor swimming pool. It is a very romantic, soothing and intimate place, in fact it offers only 7 rooms and the décor is sublime.

For a nutshell, only a few hundred kilometers from Paris. Morocco offers you the opportunity to bask in a warm place and in symbiosis with its ancestral history. The smell of mint tea will intoxicate you on every street corner. Also, the legendary hospitality of Moroccans that is no longer to be proven, will charm you. And finally Morocco offers a complete and varied halal tourism that will surely satisfy you.