HALAL HOLIDAYS ALANYA | TOP 15 Halal Hotels (Updated 2020)

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We know how hard it is to find a convenient hotel where to stay as a muslim. We spend hard time on internet
trying to find the best halal location. More and more, Turkey is developping its infrastructure to welcome
muslims from all over the world. In this post, we will give you a list of the best muslim-friendly hotels in Alanya
which is one of the best location to spend halal holidays.
Islamic hotels, sometimes called muslim hotels are designed mostly for muslims since they provide muslim-friendly facilities
as halal food, prayer room, water friendly bathrooms and ladies privacy as a swimming pool & spa only for women.
Muslim-friendly holidays is a way to enjoy your holidays without being concerned about our faith. You can enjoy your holidays and
at the same time follow your obligations.
Before giving you the list of the halal hotels in alanya, we have prepared for you a list of the fun things to do in alanya
so that your trip will be the most enjoyable ever.

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TOP 10 Fun things to do in Alanya :

1) Visit Alanya Castle and the Red Tower

alanya castle halal holidays ummahtrip

2) Having lunch at Dimcayi

Dimcayi halal holidays alanya turkey ummahtrip
3) Take a look at Sapadere canyon

Sapadere canyon halal holidays alanya turkey ummahtrip
4) Stand up paddling. Interesting activity to do, costs around 15 euros.

paddling alanya halal holidays alanya ummahtrip
5) Jeep Safari. Really cool, you can observe the mountains and wild nature.

jeep safari alanya halal holidays ummahtrip
6) Try Turkish Hammam. You can’t go there without trying the Hammam 😉 Image result for turkish hamam alanya
7) Go paragliding. If you like adrenaline, try it, you will be impressed by the bird view that you could get.

paragliding alanya halal holidays ummahtrip

8) Pirate Boat Trip : take a glance at the main points of Alanya from the boat.

pirate boat trip alanya halal holidays ummahtrip

9) Enjoy Kleopatra beach Alanya. One of the most famous beach in Alanya. long of 2 kilometers.
Access is totally free

Image result for Kleopatra beach Alanya

10) Immersion in Alanya city center to visit local places and meet the pupulation: shops, markets, 
farmer’s market

Alanya city center halal holidays turkey

More information about Turkey: tourism office

halal holidays alanya turkey


1) ADENYA HOTEL Alanya, Antalya, Turkey 5 stars Resort  8.5/10


– The halal friendly hotel is all inclusive, free cancellation
– All the food in the resort is halal and you can also find halal food neareby (less than 500m)
– Alcohol is prohibited in the resort
– 3 types of beaches : one for families, one for men exclusively and one only for women
– Swimming pool & spa only for ladies
The staff is really helpful, they do their best to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable;

2) MODERN SARAYLAR HOTEL  Alanya, Antalya 5 stars Resort 7.9/10

modern saraylar hotel ummahtrip halal holidays
– The islamic hotel is All inclusive and free cancellation
– Halal breakfast and halal meals in the hotel. No alcohol allowed.
– Indoor and outdoor pools only for women
– A free shuttle will take you to the beach
– Muslim-friendly facilities in the hotel to make your stay enjoyable

3) ATLAS BEACH HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 4 stars Hotel 6.8/10

atlas beach hotel ummahtrip halal holidays
– The muslim hotel is all inclusive and offer a free cancellation option
– The food in the property is completely halal. Neareby you could also find halal food less than 500 meters around.
– Free alcohol environment
– Location : 200 meters from the center of Konakli and 12 kilometers from Alanya city
– Indoor and outdoor pools for women (no mixity)

4) SIN INN RESORT & SPA HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 7.8/10

SIN INN RESORT UMMAHTRIP HALAL HOLIDAYS– This halal hotel is all inclusive and offers a free cancellation option
– Regarding the food, everything is halal and free alcohol environment.
– Closest beach is Mustapha beach
– 3 swimming pools available: 1 swimming pool only for women.

5) BERA ALANYA RESORT Alanya, Antalya 5 stars Resort 7.9/10

– This halal-friendly hotel is all inclusive and provide halal food. You can also find halal food
neareby the hotel.
– Free alcohol environment (not allowed).
– Total of 5 swimming pools
– 2 swimming pools only for women
– Hamman, saunfa, fitness, massage
– Perfect for families with children
– Halal honeymoon for muslim-couples
– Halal bookings / perfect for a halal trip

6) SEA STAR HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 7.7/10

– Muslim-friendly hotel. All inclusive but non-refundable booking.
– There is no-alcohol served.
– Close to alanya city center
– Perfect to enjoy muslim-friendly holidays
– There is 4 pools and 2 are exclusively for women.

7) ADIN BEACH HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 5 stars Hotel 8.5/10

ADIN BEACH HOTEL ummahtrip halal holidays
– Islamic hotel which is all inclusive
– Allows a free cancellation option on bookings
– halal bookings / perfect for a halal trip
– Halal honeymoon for muslim couples
– Halal food in the hotel. Alcohol is not served in the hotel
– Ability to find halal food neareby (less than 500m)
– There is 3 private sandy beaches and 9 pools
– Pool only for women

8) WOME DELUXE Alanya, Antalya 5 stars Hotel 8.5/10

wome deluxe halal holidays ummahtrip
– Very popular muslim hotel in the area.
– All inclusive, with a free cancellation option
– All the food in the property is halal. There is halal restaurants neareby the hotel
– The hotel doesnt serve any alcohol.
– 6 Swimming pool (for men and only for women), spas.
– Sandy beaches. Nature and forest

9) HARE HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 3 stars Hotel 8.3/10

hare hotel halal ummahtrip
– Location between Gazipaşa and Alanya
– The closest beach is only 200 meters away
– Private beach
– Halal hotel with full board services
– Bookings are not refundable
– The food is halal in this hotel and there is no alcohol served
– There is outdoor swimming pool only for women

10) SEDIR PARK Alanya, Antalya Hotel 8.2/10

sedir park halal holidays ummahtrip
– Halal friendly hotel
– Half board services and bookings are only part refundable in case of cancellation
– The food in the property is halal. You can also find halal restaurants neareby the hotel.
– There is no alcohol served in the property
– 2 swimming pools. One is only for womens.

11) TUGRA SUIT HOTEL Alanya, Antalya 4 stars Hotel 8/10

tugra suit hotel
– Near Alanya resort centre
– Pools and SPA
– Muslim friendly hotel
– Food is all halal.It’s also easy to find halal restaurants around the hotel.
– No-alcohol in the hotel
– All Inclusive Hotel. Free cancellation option for your bookings.
– Halal booking / halal trip is perfect for a halal honeymoon

12) BN Mountain House Alanya 5 stars Hotel


– This is not an islamic hotel ( not a halal hotel)
– Halal food is available only if it is requested in advance
– The house is located around 40km from Alanya
– Nature environment
– No alcohol in the hotel
– There is outdoor swimming pool only for women

13) NEHIL APART OTEL Alanya 7.6/10

Nehil apart otel ummahtrip halal holidays
– Breakfast is included
– Halal bookings are non-refundable
– The closest beach is 3 min walk away: Kleopatra Beach
– Outdoor pool

14) MALDIVES BEACH HOTEL Alanya 5 stars

halal holidays ummahtrip maldives beach hotel
– Outdoor pool
– The closest beach is 150m away
– Halal food available. No alcohol in the property.

15) MALDIVES HOTEL Alanya 2 stars

Maldives Hotel ummahtrip halal holidays
– Nice hotel (islamic hotel/halal friendly)
– All the food is halal in the hotel.
– The hotel does not serve alcohol
– The closest beach is 150m away
– Outdoor pool


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