If you are wondering if you should spend holidays in Turkey, do not hesitate one second, this is an AMAZING destination. Turkey is a muslim-friendly or islamic travel destination. Many muslim (and non-muslim) countries are choosing Turkey as holidays destination.


halal holidays istanbul

halal holidays antalya

halal holidays alanya

halal holidays alanyaTOP 10 FUN THINGS TO DO IN TURKEY

1- PAMUKKALE : Thermal hot springs

Pamukkale ummahtrip


ummahtrip Cappadocia, Turkey


ummahtrip Cappadocia Turkey


Goreme ummahtrip


5City of Derinkuyu (underground cappadocia)

cappadocia ummahtrip

6Ölüdeniz : paragliding

oludeniz ummahtrip


7 Farayla : Kabak Beach

Kabak Beach Turkey ummahtrip

8 – Kayak Over the Ruins of Kekova

Kekova Turkey halal holidays ummahtrip

9 – ISTANBUL : the amazing city

 Istanbul, Turkey halal holidays ummahtrip


Turkey Bodrum halal holidays ummahtrip




1) HOTEL MAVI DENIZ, Mamaris, Turkey 3 stars  8.4/10

ummahtrip hotel mavi deniz

  • The food is halal, no alcohol and facilities for women ( pool, spa, sauna, hammam)
  • Islamic hotel/ muslim hotel with halal friendly facilities
  • Easy to book ( welcome for muslim families, friends and honeymoon).

2) ADENYA RESORT Alanya, Antalya, Turkey 5 stars Resort  8.6/10

adenya resort ummahtrip halal holidays

  • All the food is halal and no alcohol is served in the property
  • Perfect location for muslim-friendly holidays
  • islamic hotel = ladies privacy

3) ADIN BEACH HOTEL Alanya, Antalya, Turkey 5 stars Resort  8.3/10

adin beach hotel halal holidays ummahtrip

  • Muslim hotel : muslim holidays / Halal-friendly travel
  • Best islamic hotel turkey
  • Halal bookings : for families, friends, muslim married couples (honeymoon)

4) MODERN SARAYLAR HOTEL Alanya, Antalya, Turkey 5 stars 7.9/10

modern saraylar halal holidays ummahtrip

  • Good resort for muslim friendly holidays
  • Easy to find halal food in the property and around
  • Muslim friendly facilities

5) WOME DELUXE Alanya, Antalya, Turkey 5 stars Resort  8.5/10


  • muslim-friendly hotel
  • Halal food available in the hotel and also in the area.
  • Women privacy: ladies-only swimming pool, spa, hammam, sauna, fitness, massage.

6) SURA HAGIA SOPHIA Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey 5 stars  6.3/10


  • Halal food available in the property and around
  • No alcohol in your room (removed by the staff)
  • Hammam, sauna, massage only for women

7) GRAND CEVAHIR HOTEL Istanbul, Turkey 5 stars 8.2/10


  • Halal food and vegetarian
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the property
  • Spa and hammam only for women use (privacy for muslim women)

8) DELUXE GOLDEN HORN   Istanbul, Turkey 4 stars Resort  8.1/10


  • Halal food available, and alcohol is not allowed in the property.
  • Women privacy : jacuzzi in some rooms
  • Good hotel located in istanbul. good choice

9) ALYA PIYNAR VILLA, Marmaris, Turkey 4 stars Resort  8 /10


  • Villa for privacy with your friends or family.
  • Easy to get halal food. Possibility to find halal food in the area.
  • No alcohol in the property.
  • Ladies privacy.

10) ANGEL’S MARMARIS HOTEL, Turkey 5 stars Resort  9.1 /10


  • All the food in the property is halal
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the hotel
  • Areas dedicated only for women use  ( pools, spas, hammams…)
  • Perfect location. Convenient for Kids.

11) ALYA PIYNAR VILLA, Marmaris, Turkey 4 stars Resort  8 /10


  • Muslim-friendly villa to enjoy privacy with your family or your friends
  • Self catering or halal food affordable easily
  • No alcohol allowed in the property
  • Ladies privacy : enjoy the swimming pool without opposite view

12)VILLA CAMELLIA,  Turkey 3 stars Resort  8.9 /10


  • Amazing villa with an outstanding view on the sea
  • Halal friendly facilities to you and your family.
  • Halal food or self catering. No alcohol in the property.
  • You can enkoy total privacy with your group. Muslim women can enjoy swimming and sunbathing without being embarassed by lack of privacy.

13) VILLA ECLIPSE, Antalya, Turkey 4 stars Resort  9.1 /10


  • Villa, muslim-friendly holidays
  • Privacy for muslims (families, couples, friends)
  • Halal-friendly facilities (halal food, no alcohol)
  • Entertainment for women : swimming pool without opposite view.

14) RIZOM HOLIDAY VILLAGE, Yalova, Turkey 4 stars Resort  7.7 /10

rizom holiday village ummahtrip halal holidays

  • Very good place to enjoy muslim-friendly holidays
  • All the food is halal and there is no alcohol served in the property

15) VILLA ALYA BOUTIQUE , Marmaris, Turkey 4 stars Resort  8.7 /10

villa alyna ummahtrip halal holidays

  • Halal-friendly villa at Marmaris
  • Halal-food available easily
  • Muslim families can enjoy islamic holidays and entire privacy.

Halal holidays all inclusive

If you wish to spend muslim holidays with your family or your friends in turley, it is likely that you will get offered all inclusive packages in some resorts. That’s the most convenient option  and suitable for a family.

Usually halal packages holidays are offering few options, half-board, full board and in other cases all inclusive.

If you rent a visa for example, you can choose the  self catering option , that is to say you are preparing you own meal with the halal food standards. In some cases, you can order halal food when you book your villa, that way you don’t need to worry about anything.

Halal holidays Antalya

Antalya is a popular area in turkey for muslim-friendly holidays. Indeed, you will not struggle to find islamic hotels or halal food. For prayers it’s also quite easy to find masjids. Regardging women privacy, most of the resorts have private spaces for ladies use only (spa, pool, hammam, sauna, jaccuzi, fitness…).

Halal holidays Alanya

Alanya, same as antalya, is a well know destination for muslims. It provides a lot of muslim-friendly facilities and muslim-friendly hotels.  It’s a perfect destination for halal honeymoon for example or a halal trip with you friends or your family. As you know turkey is a muslim country, so you will not strugle at all to feel comfortable and enjoy your holidays.

Halal holidays Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most wonderful city in the world with an islamic heritage. You can enjoy your halal holidays in istanbul but you can also visits a lot of monuments and get immersed in a absolute world of culture of ottoman’s empire. You will be amazed by the diversity of the city and its richessness. Visit the mosques, palaces, bosphorus detroit and try the turkish food in differents areas, I bet you have never try such a tasty food before.

Istanbul remains one of the most impressive city to visit, it welcomes millions of tourists every year from all over the world.

Ummahtrip and halal tourism in turkey

Turkey become one of the most important destination for muslim travelers. Do you kow why?
the answer is simple, because Turkey is a really beautiful country with a lot of natural spots to visit
and also its heritage for ottoman empire. Its rich history allows to tourists to visit a lot of
monuments. Turkey has a coastline of around 8,000 kilometers with a lot of things to explore.

Muslim-friendly hotels and halal holidays

Turkey has initiated first halal tourism which today has a lot of adopters.
Muslim travelers expecting muslim-friendly facilities during their journey and
Turkey is well prepared to welcome all these tourists. In some cases,
choosing halal-friendly beach holiday is a good option. You could easily find islamic hotels also called
muslim-friendly hotels in the area of Antalya or alanya. Plenty of them are also based in
Istanbul with a wide variety of services.

halal-friendly beach resorts

Halal hotels has become a concept well know today because of its huge reputation in
the muslim world. Halal hotels or muslim-friendly hotels are providing muslim facilities
such as halal food, free alcohol environment, separated pool for men and women for more privacy
and also gym or spa only for women. The environment where these hotels are based is quit family friendly
environment, so that you could enjoy quality time with your family.
Winter in Turkey is smooth, so it’s really easy to spend holidays during all the year.
Some islamic hotels : Wome deluxe, Adin Beach Hotel, Modern Saraylar, Adenya Resort or Angel’s Marmaris.
Halal beach holidays is a concept that is really useful. Some halal hotels provide some area only for womens, that way women
could enjoy swimming on the beach (with privacy) and have sunbathing.
Antalya is mostly visited all the year.

Muslim-friendly accomodations and spa hotels

there is few spa and thermanl springs in turkey in the area of Pamukkale for example.
others are based near Ankara.
In Turkey, you could easily find mountains, forests, waterfals. Many thermal hotels are muslim-friendly.


Halal-friendly hotels to enjoy snow and ski-resorts

There is a lot of mountains in Turkey, and snow is easy to find. That way, you can easily enjoy skiing.
There is a huge number of ski-resorts so if you are a fan of winter activities, this is the place to be.
Not far from Bursa, you could find a ski resort called Uludag. Access is possible with the cable car (Bursa teleferik).
If you just start skiing, there is a nice resort to recommend you. Furthermore, this is a muslim-friendly ski hotel called bof uludag ski resort.
In this resort, you will be provided halal food, alcohol is not permitted and activities are really fun. You could enjoy skiing with your family
during your holidays.
If you would like another ski holiday resort, we could recommend you Erciyes which is quit popular. It’s easy to find snow all over the year.
As halal-friendly facilities, you are also provided Pool and spa only for women.


Halal hotels with golf

Istanbul, Ankara and antalya are popular destinations for leisure and holidays.
Halal holidays is a trend that attracts thousands of muslim travelers around the world.
Do you know why ? The reason is simple. Muslims are travelling more and more around the world.
They are choosing muslim countries and also non-muslim countries. Even though in muslim countries it’s quit easy
to find halal food or mosquees for prayers, it’s not that easy in non-muslim countries. For that reason, many hotels
are adapting their services and facilities providing adapted services for muslim guests. In that way, muslim customers
would feel more comfortable without any restriction regarding food or prayers. Muslim womens has also the possibility
to enjoy their holidays with their privacy. Swimming pool or spa only for women.
Belek is a nice area for that purpose. few places are recommended for golfers like National golf club, titanic golf club,
titanic golf club, antalya golf club, and carya golf club.

Islamic hotels in city centers

These specific hotels are based in city centers such as istanbul, ankara and antalya.
These kind of hotels are popular for a business purpose and also leisure.
Of course, they are offering muslim-friendly facilities such as women privacy (swimming pool or spa exclusively for women).
Staying at Antalya is somehow a good idea to enjoy beach holiday and shopping at the same time.

Halal Villas

Another option is to enjoy halal holidays with your family with full privacy. Renting a halal villa without opposite view.
Swimming pools are isolated (no opposite view) and private. Regarding the food, it’s self-catering. It’s really easy to find halal food
in turkey as the country is muslim, there is plenty of muslim restaurants.
If you would like to pray, there is also many mosquees available in turkey. You could just pay attention to the prayer call (al adhan) and
follow the sound.
Halal villas are a great value for money if you are willing to spend quality time with your family if you require entire privacy.

Halal travel in turkey

99% of Turkish population is Muslim. As said before, Turkey is now the leading destination for halal tourism “halal travel”. Indeed, it attracts many
muslims from all over the world. Muslim travelers are coming from Europe, Midle-East and also from Asia.

Of course, not only muslims are visiting Turkey, we have a lot of westerns that are not specifically seeking this type of halal holidays.

Turkish people are very kind and know how to welcome tourists. Turkey has a good hospitality. Wherever you going in Turkey, you will feel welcomed .
You will find halal restaurants everywhere and also masjids everywhere. you could observe all your prayers without any difficulty.
Istanbul has around 3000 mosquees. In the country there are around 80,000 mosquees.
This is typically a family friendly destination.


Unlike non-muslim countries, it’s not commun thing for Turkey restaurants to provide a halal certification. The big majority of restaurants and
fast foods in turkey serve only halal food. This is a muslim country and eating halal is a common practice for all the population.
If we compare with France for example, a christian country, if you would like to eat in a restaurant or a fast food, it’s much more better to pick up one that
could show you an official halal certificate.

In Turkey, in case of any doubt, just feel free to ask if the meat is halal or not, to be sure.

Traditional and local turkish cuisine is really tasty. You could try Soup, Mezen, kebabs (chicken or lamb) or fresh fish.
Also, don’t forget to try the sweet desserts like loukoum or baklawa.

Some restaurants are serving alcohol, but it’s easy to find some restaurants that are doesn’t service any alcohol.
Another tip, don’t forget to try the local turkish tea. Enjoy this traditional drink in family-friendly place.


Turkey is well know with its fascinating sports to visit. Indeed, it has a huge historical heritage from ottoman’s empire.
Either Istanbul or Alanya, you will not be disapointed. Please check our articles about Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya.
Alanya is more family friendly destination than istanbul. It has also more beach resorts.

History of Turkey ghathered in the past few empires: Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire.
The former city Constantinople, called today Istanbul. If you visit Turkey, you will find out many Roman ruins sites to visit.

Spots to visit:

-Bursa used to be a capital in the Ottoman empire. You could visit few monuments like green Mosque. Another interesting visit would be
the Bursa Grand Mosque. If you would like to visit more monuments, you could also visit tombs of Sultan Osman and Orhan Gazi, whose had an important role
in the creation of the Ottoman Empire.
-Edirine is also a must see. This city plays also an important role in the Ottoman Empire. We recommend you the Selimiye Mosque which is quit impressive.
– Istanbul, comes at third position in the Ottoman capitals. Istanbul is the city that amazes everyone in the world with its historic heritage. Istanbul is
located on two continents. Istanbul is more than 3000 years of historic heritage.
In Sultanahmet, get a complete immersion in magical environment. Topkapi Palace, which represents the life of the Sultans between 1478 and 1853. Hagia Sophia
is also a must see with its wonderful decorations. Still in Sultanahmet, you have access to the Blue Mosque (built 1916).

– Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi) is one of the most famous and oldest souk in the world. You should consider spending at least half a day
– Bosphorus: with it’s amazing view

You will be able to visit the Eyüp Sultan Mosque ( Tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari) a trusted companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
There another interesting mosque that you could visit: Fatih Mosque in the ara of Fatih.
Süleymaniye Mosque is also a must-see in Istanbul. It was built under the reign of Sultan
Süleyman the Magnificient.
Another monument which is quit important to include in you Bucket list : Dolmabahce Palace built during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid I in 1856.

UNESCO : World Heritage List
In Turkey, there is 17 sites on the UNESCO list.
Plenty of things to visit in Turkey. The islamic heritage is huge. Just few examples:
At Edirne, don’t forget to visit Selimiye Mosque.
Bursa is also known as the first Ottoman capital.
Islamic architechture is worth the exploration such as the Great Mosque and Hospital of
Divrigi ( Emir Ahmet Shah ) build during 1228-29.

There are archaelogical sites that you can easily visit at Hierapolis, not far from Pamukkale.
If you are a fan of beautiful landscapes, rock formations and cave hotels it’s woth visiting
Cappadocia which is an amazing city.

Turkey is today a major destination for halal tourism. There is plenty of holal hotels and beach resorts
ready to welcome you with your family.

Halal Holidays and hotels in Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul is today one of the most fascinating city with its huge cultural and historic heritage.
This is one of the most visited destination in the world. It attracts millions of tourists each year
from all over the world. As a muslim traveler, you must be very excited to visit istanbul and local places.
In Turkey, you will find the best hospitality ever, people welcome you as you are part of their family.
Its architecture is really traditional.

You have to know that Istanbul is located between two continents which are Asia and Europe.
Istanbul is one of the favourite destination of muslim travelers. This is the perfect destination to
enjoy halal holidays with your family. Indeed, it’s really easy to find halal restaurants and also mosquees to pray.
Many hotels are also equipped of muslim-friendly facilities but not all.
We have prepared for you a list of the TOP 12 HALAL HOTELS in Istanbul. We make it easy for you so you won’t have to spend
hours on the internet struggling to find the right location to sleep.

Before sharing the list of the hotels, we would like to share with you a bonus of the TOP 10 ATTRACTIONS that you have to do and visit
in Istanbul:





2) HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM (Ayasofya Müzesi) : Built betwen 532 and 537. For a thousand years it was a church and then became a mosque from 154 until 1935.




4) TOPKAPI PALACE MUSEUM ( TOPKAPI SARAYI MüZESI): Ottoman Sultans from 1478 to 1856.

Image result for topkapi palace museum


 GRAND BAZAAR istanbul halal holidays








ISTANBUL MODERN halal holidays



11) BASILICA CISTERN ( Yerebatan Sarnici)



DOLMABAHCE PALACE halal holidays ummahtrip

13) GALATA TOWER (Galata Kulesi)

GALATA TOWER halal travel ummahtrip

For more informations, please check autority of tourism here.




1) AJWA HOTEL SULTANAHMET Fatih,Istanbul 5 stars, 9.5/10

ajwa hotel ummahtrip

  • Islamic hotel based in the area of sultanahmet, very good location.
  • Good hotel for a halal honeymoon for muslim couples
  • All the food is halal in the hotel
  • No-alcohol served in the hotel
  • halal restaurants in the area
  • spa and swimming pool only for women

2) OTTOMAN’S LIFE HOTEL DELUXE Fatih,Istanbul 5 stars 8.7/10

Ottoman's Life Hotel Deluxe halal hotel ummahtrip

  • Muslim hotel located in fatih area
  • All the food is halal in the hotel. Free alcohol environment.
  • spa and swimming pool for women.
  • Perfect for halal trip or halal honeymoon.

3) ISTANBUL MEDIKAL TERMAL HOTEL Tuzla, Istanbul 4 stars 8.1/10

Istanbul Medikal Termal Hotel halal hotel

  • All the food is halal in the hotel. Halal hotel. Alcohol is removed from your room if you book with ummahtrip.
  • Pool and spa for women only.
  • Nice place to spend halal holidays with your family or friends
  • A lot of activities in the area

4) ZIN D HOME DUDULLU SUITES Umraniye, Istanbul 5 stars 8.1/10

Zin D Home halal hotel ummahtrip

  • Halal friendly hotel , based in Umraniye Istanbul
  • Halal bookings : halal food in the property and no alcohol served.
  • Family friendly place or for muslim couples ( halal honeymoon)
  • SPA and pool only for women use. Perfect to keep a privacy.

5) GOLDEN TULIP HOTEL BAYRAMPASA Bayrampasa, Istanbul 5 stars 7.8/10

  • Muslim-friendly hotel (halal bookings). All the food in the hotel is halal.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the hotel.
  • SPA and swimming pool for woman use only ( separated from men pool)
  • Perfect for family trip or with friends. Also good for halal honeymoon.

6) SAYEBAN RESORT & SPA HOTEL Silivri, Istanbul 6.1/10

SAYEBAN RESORT & SPA HOTEL ummahtrip halal hotel

  • located in bay of siliviri, very beautiful location
  • Islamic hotel for muslims. Perfect for halal holidays with your family or for couples
  • halal food in the hotel. Free alcohol environment ( not allowed)
  • Spa and swimming pool for womens only (separated from men’s pool)
  • Nice area with beautiful sightseeing.

7) LAUSOS PALACE HOTEL Sisli, Istanbul 5 stars 5.5/10

LAUSOS PALACE HOTEL Sisli halal hotel ummahtrip

  • good location with many shops and cafés in the area.
  • Muslim hotel which serves halal food. No alochol provided in the hotel.
  • Swimming pool and spa for women.
  • Halal booking: Perfect for family friendly trip and also for halal honeymoon

8) ROYAL STAY PALACE HOTEL Bahcelievler, Istanbul 5 stars

ROYAL STAY PALACE HOTEL ummahtrip halal hotel

  • Great hotel in istanbul
  • Halal hotel which provides halal food and doesn’t serve any alcohol
  • Halal restaurants in the area neareby.
  • swimming pool
  • spa which can be booked for your group. Privacy.

9) ByOTELL HOTEL ISTANBUL Kadikoy, Istanbul 5 stars 8.8/10

ByOTELL HOTEL ISTANBUL ummahtrip halal hotel

  • Halal friendly hotel based in kadikoy, Istanbul
  • Halal bookings: Perfect for muslim friendly travel with your family or couple ( halal honeymoon)
  • The hotel does not serve alcohol
  • Pool and spa for women
  • The food in the hotel is halal. It’s easy to find halal restaurants neareby the hotel.
  • No-alcohol

10) GRAND CEVAHIR HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER Sisli, Istanbul 5 stars 8.8/10

Grand Cevahir Hotel & Convention Center ummahtrip halal hotel

  • Located in Sisli area.
  • Muslim-friendly hotel. perfect to enjoy a trip in Istanbul and it’s few activities
  • Halal breakfast and halal meals. Availability of halal restaurants near the hotel.
  • No alcohol is served in the hotel.
  • Swimming pool (mixed gender)
  • Spas for women only

11) THE CENTRAL PALACE HOTEL Beyoglu, Istanbul 5 stars 8.6/10

THE CENTRAL PALACE HOTEL ummahtrip halal hotel

  • Islamic hotel. In the area of Beyoglu.
  • Perfect hotel that provides halal food . Alcohol is not allowed.
  • There is no swimming pool in the hotel
  • You can find halal restaurants neareby the hotel
  • Perfect for family trip or a honeymoon

12) TRYP BY WYNDHAM ISTANBUL SANCAKTEPE Sancaktepe, Istanbul 5 stars 8.5/10


  • Islamic hotel with halal breakfast and halal meals
  • the hotel is free alcohol environment ( not allowed)
  • perfect hotel for muslim families
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna only for women
  • Halal bookings: halal trip with your family or for couples (halal honeymoon)

13) TUYAP PALAS Buyukçekmece, Istanbul 5 stars 8.4/10

tuyap palace ummahtrip halal hotel

  • muslim hotel based in istanbul
  • Provides halal food and does not allow alcohol in the property
  • perfect for halal trip with your family, friend or for couples.
  • There is no specialy amenities specially for women

14) BRICKS HOTEL Bahcelievler, Istanbul 5 stars 8.1/10

  • Located near Ataturk international airport, 7min away drive.
  • Halal food in the hotel (all meals). Does not serve alcohol
  • Halal hotel (halal bookings) for families and friends.
  • There is no swimming pool in the hotel

15) RIXOS PERA Beyoglu, Istanbul 5 stars 8.1/10

  • good location.  rooftop restaurant which allows you to see the sea
  • walking distance from the Galata Tower and Istiklal Avenue.
  • halal-friendly hotel : halal food, and no alcohol in the hotel
  • convenient for muslim families, muslim couples and friends.


hala holidays istanbul


halal holidays turkey

I hope you enjoyed this post and our suggestions. For any questions, please feel free to comment or contact us by email.

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